America What the hell happened !!


Dear America:

Can you tell me what happened to you? Why are you broke? Why do you owe trillions of dollars to China? Why are over 10 percent of your workers out of work? (Truth be known probably closer to 25 percent) Why does everything cost so much? Whazzup dude??

  Your loyal friend Bob



Dear Bob:

Well Son this is the skinny and it is really very very simple. Remember about 30 years ago when you went into any store and 99 percent of all of the goods on the shelf were made right here in the good old USA?? Well today perhaps something like one tenth of one percent of the goods are made in the USA. Remember when 99 percent of the automobiles parked in the driveways on your street were actually manufactured right here in the good old USA, today perhaps 15 percent were manufactured here in the USA. Remember when your elected officials actually represented you and not Corporate America you know those guys that moved all of the manufacturing out of America to foreign nations and then shipped their product back to the USA for you to purchase with your food stamps and welfare checks? Well basically son that is what happened.. If a country has no manufacturing to speak of then they have no jobs and if they have no jobs then they have no tax base. And if they have no tax base everything falls apart. Our schools go broke, our cities go broke, our counties go broke, our states go broke, and finally our country goes broke and eventually we become hopelessly indebted to a nation whose system of government is diabolically opposed to everything America stands for as is currently the case.

Well that's about it dude. If you start supporting me again I will make things right again. It is never too late to start over.

Your Uncle Sam



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